Problem in Mosaicing and stacking

Dear All,
I have Sentinel 1 Data. I mosaic 2 images shown in figure 1 and figure 2 and I get the resultant image as shown in figure 3 (mosaiced image) using SAR mosaicing tool. Now I use this mosaiced image and stack with another image acquired at different time period (Mosaic image was acquired during May 2015 and the second image was acquired during november 2015 for the same region). Now from the stacked image, I want to see the RGB composite of them which is shown in the last figure. (where R band corresponds to November 2015 and G and B bands correspond to May 2015 image). In the resultant image it can be seen that the features are shifted. I want to know, how this shift occurs and is there any way to rectify this?

Note: I followed the same procedures for images acquired during October and December 2015 and I had no issues at all!!! Don’t know from where this error is introduced into the RGB view.
Kindly help!!!

First of all you seem to be using NEST 4C which is from over 4 years ago. Please try the latest SNAP 2.0 you’ll like it a lot more.

Second, mosaicking doesn’t really produce a complete ‘product’ with updated matadata etc. from which you may continue doing other processing. It should be the last thing to do in your processing.

If all products are terrain corrected the same with the same pixel spacing, then they should line up together. Are they all ascending or all descending?

All the products are terrain corrected and all are descending pass. So, I will try SNAP 2.0 I will do the stacking first and then mosaic them finally. Thank you

You may mosaic terrain geocoded products, as lveci proposed, without need to stack them first.

after pre-processing and mosaicing and after converting to linear to db …why water is in white.