Problem in Snap Import

Hi all,

I have installed Snap 5 and yesterday (2016/12/07) I downloaded sentinel data (from I’m trying to open data but it doesn’t work. It seems it tries to read it but data is not imported.

Thanks in advance


please, could you tell me the name of the product you are trying to open to try to reproduce your problem?

I’m trying to open sentinel 2 data in snap 5…
Thanks for your support…

What is the name of the file? I would like to download it to be able to test.

Thank you!

S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20161121T185349_R093_V20161120T092302_20161120T092302 S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20160916T023301_R007_V20150812T090006_20150812T090007

Thank you!


you want to open S2A Level open or Level 1C?


I have downloaded the first product and SNAP reads it properly. Perhaps there has been a problem during your download and your zip file is corrupted or there is a problem when you unpack it. Some users have had similar problems and they have solved them by using 7zip for unpacking the zip file. Could you try this, please?

I am using 7zip… Something is wrong with .xml file.


I’m trying to open Level 1C.

Thanks for the support.

Does SNAP report any error?

I changed the default program to read .xml files and it opened.
Thank’s a lot for your time.