Problem Reading ICEYE SLC product using the graph builder

I tried to coregister two SLC ICEYE images using the graph builder tool but I got the following Error [Nodeid] Cross-Correlation] null.

Using the UI, the process works fine:
1 - File → Import → Sar sensors → ICEYE
2 - Radar → Coregistration → Coregistration
The coregistration works fine - I’m able to produce the expected output.

Using the graph builder (Standard Graphs → Coregistration). I selected the data format “IceyeProduct” but it seems that there is an issue during the Cross-correlation step. It seems that the problem comes from reading the files - Do you an idea about how to solve the issue ?

Thanks a lot

would it be an option to use the coregistration operator instead of stack, cc and warp?

Coregistration operation is totally fine - The issue is the GeFolki coregistration seems not working out of the box using the UI (same using the graph builder tool) I got the following error org.esa.snap.core.gpf.OperatorException: Error on coregistration processing (possibly too large images) : null. I got the same issue with another pair of images.

I meant the one under Radar > Coregistration > Coregistration

Using the graph builder, I don’t have the Coregistration operation under Radar > Coregistration

The structure of the graph builder slightly differs from the menu. Maybe Radar > Geometric? I don’t have the chance to test at the moment, but it should be there.
May I ask why you use the graph builder at all for this task?

I also can’t find coregistration tool in graph builder. I reason I want it in graph builder is to preprocess TerraSAR-X data for PS-InSAR

Why don’t you then coregister all images at once? The pairwise preparation is only needed for S1 TOPS products.