Problem to area of Texture anaylis

Hi people. I’m having trouble generating GLCM parsing in SNAP. The error message is: the specified region, if not null, must intersect with the image’s bounds. Do I need to clip the image with my shape of interest?

please give information on the data you are using and what steps you did before the processing. Has a vector been involved at any step?

Thanks for answering. My image is a Sentinel 2A and I included a shape of interest (watershed).

can you please try to delete the vector (and save the product) before you run the GLCM?

Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s my first time in texture analysis. The file is: S2A_MSIL1C_20210602T135111_N0300_R024_T21KZU_20210602T185357; I removed the shape and did not do any pre-processing and the problem remains the same. When I cliped band 8, for example, in ArcGIS, the texture worked. What should I do? Generate the file band by band?

My first idea is to run the Sentinel-2 Resampling processor first to bring all bands to a joint resolution.

Besides that: calculating textures for all bands could be largely redundant, because their pattern are often the same. So maybe you can only select 3 or 4 representative bands in the GLCM and run again.

Thank you very much. I got it with your directions.