Problem to import tiff form SNAP to ArcGIS

I have calculate NDVI, NDWI and SAVI using SNAP and want to import it in ArcGIS I have exported the images from SNAP in GeoTIFF , GeoTiff / BigTiff , Tiff format but when try to import into ArcGIS each time it show spatial reference missing. how to fix the problem.
Thank You

I recommend to directly load the img files (as part of the BEAM DIMAP product) into ArcGIS. You find them in the .data folder of each product. They are fully compatible with other software, so no export is needed.

What kind of input data have you used? Usually the GeoTiff files have geo-information included.

Are you using the same same spatial reference in ArcGIS as you used in SNAP, or is there a conversion required during the import? What region? Some applications do conversions by first converting to an intermediate spatial reference. This approach fails for certain combinations of input and output spatial reference, commonly for data that includes a pole. GDAL 3 has a major change in the way conversions are handled, so if ArcGIS is having problems you may want to do the conversion explicitly using GDAL 3.

You can check the GeoTIFF spatial reference metatdata using gdalinfo. If the metadata are correct, you should contact ArcGIS support forums.