Problem with band maths and saving

i’ve three product of sentinl1
any of these products have bands,i need to calculate between bands(thay are binary bands)
urban1 band from first product,
urban2 band from second product,
urban3 band from third product,
i wanna calculate this: urban1 == 0 and urban2 == 1 or urban2 == 0 and urban3 == 1
but it cant be…
in band mathes>product target :is first product
i wanna calculate this (urban1 == 0 and urban2 == 1 or urban2 == 0 and urban3 == 1 ) it gives me error , because the bands are’nt in same product
how can i do this calculation???
please help thanks,

you have to create a stack of all three products to combine them in the Band Maths.

If the data is already geocoded you can use Radar > Coregistration > Stack Tools > Create Stack.

it’s right,but some bands of product were deleted or in stack product two bands were combined

this is quite hard to undestand, could you please illustrate it with a screenshot?

the products bands

This did not work, please try again.

no it worked

the stacked product
if you see some the bands products were deleted and were combine together

they are not really deleted, but the name was altered by SNAP to make sure that each band has an individual name, consisting of three letters (mst or slv) to determine which of the products was used as the geometrical reference and also the date was added to the name.

If you repeatedly create stack from already stacked products, the names become longer each time.