Problem with MCI processor (snap 5.0)


I am trying to retrieve the MCI map for the following S2 product, as I am interested with its values in the coastal areas of it.

I have set the level1C preset , so workink with the level1C image ,after resampling it at 20m, but the output product was a map almost black, with just few white spots

what could have been wrong? should I process just the subset I am interested in?

Probably @marpet could have the solution :slight_smile:

did you check the colour manipulation tab? If some few pixels are bright the contrast of your image can be quite bad. You can manually adjust the scaling of the colours or simply click the 95% button which stretches your colors over 95% of the values.

No, the problem seems to be that there are almost only no-data pixels…that’s why I had almost an empty image…

Actually, the MCI only uses the maskExpression you can define. Then only pixels are considered if they follow this expression.
Have you used it?
If expression is not used, it just computes the MCI