Problem with subset from view

With SNAP 2.0.2 for linux RAM 4G, I open the product (selecting 10m). I use the rectangle drawing tool. I note the pixel positions of the upper left and down right corners. I click on the right mouse button when on the blue rectangle drawn. I select Spatial subset from view. I put the positions of the corners. I select the the band subset.I select none then B2, B3, B4 and B8 (10m). Then OK. I get an error message : gridHeight >=2. Some times I can also have : null.


from where do you have this product. It is not from the SciHub, is it?
Currently only MSI products are supported by s2tbx. You have a SAF product.
Probably this is the reason why you get the error.

Ah, sorry. Probably you have a MSI. It is just named SAF like the xml manifest file.
But it is a L1B, I haven’t worked with it before. So maybe one of the s2tbx experts can help.