Problem with the use of the SWAM of Sen2Coral

Hello to all

I’m facing a certain issue with the use of the Sambuca model within Sen2Coral environment. Attached you can find the issue. I have used WinPython to install sambuca and sambuca core (which I found through github). Everything runs smoothly except from SWAM which gives the attached error. Could it be related with the environment variables?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @tragdi,

the version of sambuca that SWAM needs is a modified version, and we are still discussing how to distribute it, so perhaps the version you have is not the good one.
On the other hand, for installing it you have to install sambuca and sambuca_core and after that you have to configure python in SNAP by using ‘snappy-conf’. Have you configured it?

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I have both installed them successfully using the instructions for WinPython in addition to configuring successfully, as well, python in SNAP using snappy-conf.

I have found both versions in Dunno if these are the right ones?

No, they are not the versions used in Sen2Coral.
As soon as I know how are they going to be distributed I will tell you.

Ok, thanks Omar, looking forward to implementing them once they are available :slight_smile:

I think you should try SWAM Operator - Installation on Windows - WinPython and SWAM Operator - Installation on Windows - Anaconda in Help of SNAP Desktop.

Hello! I have already installed SWAM (installed sambuca and sambuca_core, configured python in SNAP by using snappy-conf) but I cannot use it. I got the same error swam . From the posts above, it seems that a modified version of sambuca is needed. Where can I get the compatible version of sambuca to make SWAM work? And what other things should I do/install, if there is any? Thank you very much! :slight_smile: