Problems Exporting to BEAM-DIMAP format

I’ve just downloaded the SNAP toolbox, and have obtained sentinel 2 imagery in the .xml format and opened this. I’m having trouble saving the project however as whenever I attempt to export it as a BEAM-DIMAP file and then reopen it, I encounter the following error:

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong? Or any workarounds?


do you mean exporting the raster or saving your project?

Both - When I try to save the project, it tells me the .xml file needs to be converted to the BEAM_DIMAP format. After I’ve done this and then try to open the BEAM_DIMAP file I end up with the above error.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear!

maybe it’s because Sentinel-2 is multi-size at first (resolutions of 10, 20 and 60m at first).
Can you, just to exclude this as an error, resample the imported product to 60 m and see if there are still errors?

It could also be that the product wasn’t downloaded completely.

Is your product crossing the equator? It looks pretty similar to this issue: SIITBX-252