Problems importing SNAPHU

I am following TOPS Interferometry Tutorial except I have included multilooking
Coregistration -> Interferogram -> TOPSAR deburst -> Topo Phase Removal -> Multilook -> Golstein Phase Filter -> write
When I export to SNAPHU I get two Phase products,
Phase_ifg_VV… and
Phase_ifg_srd_VV …
After unwrapping I get an error when I try to import. “Image file not found”
When I examine snaphu.conf and UnwPhase…hdr I see the names do not match for the import which explains the error.
I have managed to import by renaming files so that the names match up.
But this does not solve the problem because I don’t know what the implications are (what is the difference between the _srd and non _srd.
I had no problems exporting to SNAPHU and importing a few weeks ago. I recently updated my SNAP.
Any help greatly appreciated.

You can select VV in the TOPS Coregistration step. Having both polarizations in one stack caused errors and weird names in some reported cases.
I don’t know if this is the reason for yours but it’s worth a try

Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated. I made sure I only selected VV so this may not be the problem. Will tyry again with a different pair of images. Will report back with the new trial results shortly.