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Has anyone used the AOI Monitoring tool yet? I have had problems running the tool. Always says there are no available images. I have already tried it from an internal folder and also through the automatic download via that hub. Has anyone had the same problem?

It seems there are some issues with it, Also @MCG recently reported a problem.

@lveci can you have a look at both questions?

Thank you, my friend

It works with the Product Library which mostly works for SAR products. If you are trying to use it with optical data, I’m not sure it would work. What are your input products?

The AOI Monitoring tool is not so user friendly but it works also using S2 data.
I tested it providing as input folder a local one on my laptop and running a graph created in advance.
Maybe the help is not so useful and a good option is to create a tutorial on its usage.

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We need a tutorial for thins functionality.

I’m working with S1 SAR data. She really is not that friendly.

What are the machine personals settings for working with SAR data? Mainly for SLC products.

Thanks for Atention.