Problems with data exported from Snap to Stamps, are they correct?

Dear colleagues,
1/ I have noticed that the content of ALL files .par in both /diff0 and /rslc directories (having normal different names) is the same - it is just master.rslc.par file in reality. Is it only my problem or a bug?
2/ Data values in these files are also very strange. For example, heading for ascending S-1 is 106 degrees… ? (Instead of approx. 356 degrees…), radar frequency 5405 Hz. It seems to be not Hz but MHz, otherwise lambda in StaMPS is absolutely not correct).
This is what I just noticed because Stamps gives strange results…
Thank you for your great help

I also have noticed that incongruity with the wavelength parameter.

After use StaMPS Export in SNAP I’ve gotten the following value for lambda:
lambda = 55465.76

But for ENVISAT processed with DORIS I’ve used the following value:
lambda = 0.0565647

This should be fixed as well as the issue preventing the use of topo phase removal in the 5.0.1 update.

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Thank you, Luis! We’ll be waiting!
All the best