Problems with GUI - text truncated and WorldView won't work at all

Hi all,

I’m having a few niggly but increasingly problematic issues with the SNAP GUI on my Linux machine. The text is basically unreadable, and it looks like SNAP can’t initialise WorldView. I’ve been managing up until this point, but now doing more global stuff and I need to check the imagery are from the right places.

If someone knows how to fix this, I’d be so grateful.


You should provide enough detail so others could reproduce your problem. Your linux distribution, linux and java versions, and graphics configuration are relevant. Unfortunately, there are so many possibilities that your system could well be unique, which means you will have to do the investigation yourself. If you are using your distro’s openjdk, try Oracle Java. For WorldWind, NASA WorldWindJava has a Demo app and links to forums and documentation. In most cases, once you are able to run the WW Demo you will find that it is working in SNAP.

Dear @laurenb,

concerning the WorldView, try to install all graphic drivers for your system. I can do so by searching for Driver Manager, the app will search for drivers missing on your machine, I had to install some nvidia graphic drivers and relaunch SNAP, WorldView works after that.