Process sentinel2 using sen2cor?

Hi all,
I have processed a data for 20 m using sen2cor as follows. but i don’t know if it is successful. Cananyone tell me?

looks totally fine.

If the module runs correctly it should also produce a classified scene. You find it under Bands > quality > quality_scene_classification. Does it look right to you?

You can also check if you now have floating point data, which means that they no longer consist of integer values but some values between 0 and 1. You can check this by opening the pixel information tab and move your mouse over the raster.

yes, it has the scene classificatin as following :slight_smile:

But i can’t understand why there are two parts in the picture(the above is clear,the below is fuzzy) ? and i don’t know how to open the pixel information. could you tell me ?

But the pixel information is integer as following:

so ,is there something wrong?

I actually thought the parts of different brightness resulted from the camera when you took the picture. Does it look like this in SNAP?

You can find the “Pixel information” tab next to the product explorer:

if there is a comma it’s no longer integer but a float value. Seems perfectly right to me.

you mean i should see it in the yellow circle?

hi ABraum, i have checked every picture .All of them have the “**”.dl no matter if they have been processed or not . so i don’t think it’s a index for processed data.

you are right - I’m sorry. It was the case for other data, Landsat for example.

In this case you can plot the data before the correction (S2A_OPER…) against the data after the correction (S2A_USER…) to see if the values have changed. If they were the same you would only see a straight line.