Processing JERS-1 data with SNAP

Dear colleagues,
I’d like to process JERS-1 data downloaded from ESA catalogue with SNAP.
Since this is my first experience with JESR-1 I’d like to have an opinion
on the interferometric processing of those data.
First I guess there are no orbit files so where I could download such for
the scene I have. Also are there any peculiarities this type of data.

Thank you.

When processing JERS-1 data with SNAP for interferometry:

  1. Obtain precise orbit files manually.
  2. Ensure data format compatibility.
  3. Calibrate data for accuracy.
  4. Co-register images precisely.
  5. Remove topographic phase using a DEM.
  6. Generate interferogram with SNAP.
  7. Interpret results, noting terrain changes.

For specific guidance, consult experts and relevant resources in the SAR community.

@stevediaz Thank you for your reply.
Could you please advice how to obtain the orbit files?

Try first with the orbit info in the products - SNAP should read it automatically.