Processing LandSat 8 images on SNAP 6.0

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Well, I’ve been a SNAP user for some time, processing data from Sentinel-1 and 2 platforms, and now I’m using data from NASA Landsat 8 for research in atmospheric studies. Recently I have read in anterior posts who the SNAP reads Landsat 8 images using a metadata archive, I tested and it worked.
Now I want know if the SNAP does Atmospheric Correction on Lansat 8 images, or if anyone have tested any algorithm or equations (by Band Math) on SNAP to realize this process.

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There is no general AC for Landsat8 (yet).
If you are interested in water, you can use the C2RCC processor. It retrieves water properties and also the reflectances. You find it in Optical / Thematic Water Processing / C2RCC.

I forgot, there is icor: