Product transposition

Has product transposition (or data flip) been deleted from Sentinel1 toolbox in SNAP (beta version)?
I am working with S1TBX version 2.0.0-20150828 and I can’t find this tool.
It used to be in Utilities/Flipping…

The flip operation is really needed particularly since some SAR images are delivered flipped horizontally (or vertically or both).
It does appear in the help but I cannot find it either in the GUI.

I finally found out that the flip is now automatically done during the terrain correction process.

Please note that flipping original SAR products and Terrain Correction (TC) is not the same thing.
Flipping simply transpose the image which remains in SAR geometry, while TC projects the data in true map geometry (North should be pointing up).
Indeed, “Flip” operator is missing from the menus, however, it is still accessible via the Graph Builder (under Add–>Raster–>Flip).