Programmatic Processing using S1 toolbox


I am using S1 toolbox to calibrate SAR images. It works fine. I would like to automate this process. As a java programmer, I would like to know is there any guide that helps me to achieve this. I am aware of the source code on github at I am specifically looking for a guide/tutorial that helps to start using the s1 api.


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We will be having a developers guide wiki available soon

I would also welcome a way to programmatically access the tools of SNAP. Either in Java or in Python (I saw some other posts about “snappy”). I understand that you will not post the day of publication, but can you provide a rough hint on when we can expect the documentation on this functionality?

If it’s of any help, some documentation and examples for snappy are already provided in the snap-engine repo, under the snap-python module: link. The documentation and examples seem to be still a work in progress, though. Possibly the module itself, too.

Hi Wolf,

valugur is right, we are currently very busy preparing the final SNAP release. Shortly after this we will open our wiki which will contain a developer guide section.

You will be able to both use Java or Python to extend SNAP or use the SNAP libraries. It is also possible to implement your own data processing operators using (C-)Python together with numpy, scipy etc. For SNAP GUI extensions you can also either use Java or Python via Jython.

— Norman

Hi Norman & Valgur,
thanks for the update. I saw this after posting in the other thread about snappy…

Regards, Wolf

Are there any examples of scripts available which allow to access to S1 toolbox functions through command line or through Python?

PS: most links on the github snap-engine page are not working (SNAP Programming Tutorial for instance)

Thank you in advance.

Developers Guide

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Thanks a lot for your answer, perfect.