Projecting a wrapped phase image


Is there any way to get a wrapped phase image (generated from two Sentinel 1 SLC images) to its proper geometric projection?
I create my interferogram, then removed the topographic phase, then deburst the resulting products, and then I’ve tried doing a Terrain-Doppler or Ellipsoid correction using the menu under Radar. The result is that my intensity and coherence are in the appropriate projection, and my phase band/image disappears from the band list. Trying to do it under raster, it tells me I have a SAR image and need to do an ellipsoid correction. I do that and my phase band/image is not in the resulting output.

I’ve also tried this process with NOT removing the topographic phase and the result is still the same.

I’m using SNAP 3.0.0

Best, Mark Hall

By default, if you don’t select any bands in the terrain correction, it will try to pick any real and imaginary bands and make them intensity. If you specifically want the phase band, select the phase band where its listed as source bands and it will get terrain corrected.

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Great thanks! Sorry I missed the obvious. Best, MEH