Proxy connection - "Could not download content files. Do you want to try again?"

I’m trying to install SNAP on my computer at the university, but it can not connect to download and install the packages necessary. I got the message: “Could not download content files. Do you want to try again?”.
I already successfully installed on my notebook at home. I believe the reason for these is the connection behind a proxy herer at the university.

File version:, I also tried with version.
OS - Ubuntu 14.04 64-bits. Proxy setting is correctly seted and working for all other applications.

I’ll appreciate any help.

Please any help?
I do not have any other otion I can imagine…

There are two ways to proceed: you can launch the installer with -Dinstall4j.showProxyConfig=true, it forces to open the proxy configuration as described in

An other way is to install SNAP without any module, you can still install them afterwards from the plugin manager.

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Thanks a lot Nicolas.
I did like you said, intalled the snap without any module and then the plugins. I didn’t know that it was possible.

I didn’t know what to do with the parameter:

how to excecute the ./ with that??

Yhanks a lot!

Yes you can execute ./ -Dinstall4j.showProxyConfig=true