PS and thermal noise removal

Hi all,
I use Sentinel-1 IW images to perform PS interferometry. Do I need to remove thermal noise during pre-processing, after having applied precise orbits?

Thank you

You don’t have to/should not do it. In my personal view the thermal noise removal in SNAP should only be possible for detected, not complex products. In any case the PS are bright so probably doing the correction won’t matter, but from a ‘purist’-perspective it should not be done.

Thank you @menghdal. And what about thermal noise removal performed from mid-2015 during Sentinel-1 focusing process? I have heard that there was a difference in products delivered before and after may 2015, but I could not find substantial material online to understand the problem.

If you have a fully updated SNAP version it should be able to deal with all official product versions.

Ok. Do you know where I can find some documentation? I would like to understand:

  • if the old Sentinel-1 images I downloaded have been reprocessed and
  • what kind of reprocessing has been eventually done and on which data
  • if, downloading products available at now on DHUS portal, there are still differences in SLC products acquired before and after mid-2015