Quad-pol Cosmo-skymed processing

Hi all,

Is there a way to import/fuse all separate polarization channels of a quad-pol COSMO-Skymed image (as they are provided with individual .h5 file) for the polarimetric analysis?

I tried to open each polarization .h5 and coregister/stack them for the Polarimetric Matrix Generation process, but an error message of “input should be a polarimetric product” occurred.


To combine separate polarization channels of a quad-pol COSMO-SkyMed image for polarimetric analysis:

  1. Open each .h5 file.
  2. Ensure coregistration.
  3. Convert values to complex numbers.
  4. Construct a C2 (covariance) or T3 (coherency) matrix.
  5. Combine matrices into one.
  6. Perform polarimetric analysis on the combined matrix.

Dear stevediaz,

Can you provide further explanations on the 3rd step “convert values to complex numbers?”