Quad polarization

Hi, i am new to SAR remote sensing, so i need some help to understand certain terms. I would be really grateful if you could help making me understand in an easy way what actually does these terms mean. My question is why do we use calibration, orientation angle correction, multilooking, terrain correction and decompositions and what happens when we use these things to detect a man made object? Thank you in advance.

It seems that you have a lot to learn before going deep into the SAR. I suggest you some easy-to-understand documents, sorted in increasing difficulty.


I agree but the documents you provide are on interferometry, not polarimetry.

On the general terms like calibration, multi-looking or terrain correction, you can refer to this: http://step.esa.int/docs/tutorials/S1TBX%20SAR%20Basics%20Tutorial.pdf

On first steps on polarimetry you can read here: http://step.esa.int/docs/tutorials/S1TBX%20Polarimetry%20Tutorial.pdf

An extensive collection of polarimetric materials is provided here: https://earth.esa.int/web/polsarpro/polarimetry-tutorial

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Thank you so much @qglaude and @ABraun. It means alot to me. I have been facing alot of problem since I am from a different background. But thanks to you both for understanding my concern.

You’re right, I missed the point :stuck_out_tongue: Btw, thanks for the third link, I did not know these ressources