Quantification_value 1000?


Until now I only saw QUANTIFICATION_VALUE of 10000, but turns out S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20160414T041739_R008_V20150812T104021_20150812T104021 has QUANTIFICATION_VALUE of 1000. Is this an aberration that would go away in reprocessing, or should we expect variable QUANTIFICATION_VALUE?


Hello Simon,

I can confirm that the QUANTIFICATION_VALUE of 10000 is correct.
It appears that the QUANTIFICATION_VALUE of 1000 is - as you ask - an aberration, arising as a consequence of the distribution of a N02.01 product containing the wrong R2ABCA file. The issue will be raised for further investigation.

I understand the same product processed with N02.02 - which has the correct R2ABCA - is available, and this should be used.



S2 MPC Operations Manager

Thank you for the quick response, Jan!