Query.xml as spatial object?

Merci Olivier de ton python script!
Is there a tool to visualize the query.xml file produced by i.e.
python Sentinel_download.py --lat 41.6 --lon 1.44 -a apihub.txt -o 51 -n -s S2
For example, converting to a shapefile.
Just for not reinventing the wheel…

Hola Agus
happy if this script is useful. It is useful for me, that’s why I did it

There is some “gml” in the xml file returned from scihub, within the field , but I am not that good with GIS tools, gdal and so on.
Un saludo,

For those who would like to try it :

In fact, I find the download from the French Collaborative ground segment (PEPS) easier, so you could also give it a try. I am not sure which service will provide the quickest download, for me of course, it is peps, but I am on the same network.

query_results.xml is certainly not just gml, and it does not seem easy to subset into
gml pieces (at least not as those gml written by i.e. qgis)
Is this file created by your script or is it automatically created after any downloading?
in the second case, is actually there any software reading these query.qml files?
Otherwise I think I’ll have to go the hard way using R to hack a dirty solution.

Hi Agus,
sorry for answering late…holidays in spain !
The query.xml file is edited by the scihub site, and just saved by my tool.