Question on aerosol retrieval

Hey all,

I am trying to do an atmospheric correction on 4 granules.
(using SNAP 3.0, s2tbx 3.0.7, sen2cor 2.2.1)

My files are
and I need the output of granules UGR, UGS, ULA and ULB (therefore I deleted the other tiles in the folder).

Now I read in the Products Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document, that

All 9 tiles of a Sentinel-2 scene should be put into one temporary file to enable the
calculation of an AOT map without steps at tile borders

Could anybody indicate, if this is necessary and if it is so, how to create the temporal file, that I can use it as input in sen2cor?

Sen2Cor is accepting Sentinel-2 L1C products without modification, you don’t need to change these products.