[Question] Saving Products and Sessions

Dear all

I downloaded separated bands, and afterwards I created an RGB map, (by firstly aggregating all of them into one of them using Math Bands). And the product will look like this:

Then I had to save the session since SNAP warned me to do so (after the math band procedure).

So far so good.

My questions:

  1. When I close SNAP and re open it, I have to do this band math all over again, because my first product, didn’t kept all the bands inside… It will look like this, even if I saved the session:

    Is there a way of saving this product, as it is, I mean, with the insertion of bands?

  2. Everytime I create a new RGB map. Can I save it as a product t ? Instead of creating a new one everytime?

My questions are pretty basic, (good thing is that they are easy to answer hopefully).

This is because the jp2-format does not support virtual bands. You would have to save it in DIMAP format first. If you want the bands permanently in the product you can:

  1. Right click > Convert band and then save the whole product OR
  2. Create a stack (Raster > Coregistration > Stack Tools > Create Stack)

Both cases write new rasters on your hard drive.

I doubt that saving a session preserves the virtual bands of a jp2 image.

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You can also disable the the virtual option when using the Band Maths.
This creates real bands with the reference to the other products. But still you have to save the product e.g. to BEAM-Dimap, NetCDF or GeoTIFF.

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Oh! thank you also @marpet, yes, I was creating virtual bands the whole time.
But when I try to right click on the product and select Save Product As… nothing happens.
(I was expecting so see different formats to choose.)

I experienced the same since an update from the past weeks.
Try File > Export > BEAM DIMAP

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Save uses always BEAM-DIMAP. If you want some other format you need to use export.

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THank you @ABraun @marpet

My question is finally solved.