RADARSAT-2 data for research

Dear colleagues,

Does anyone know any site where would be possible to find and get RADARSAT-2 data? For research purposes.

Actually, I need some C-band observations over an area in Brazil. The data from ground sampling were taken from 2012 and 2013 years, so, I cannot use ENVISAT or Sentinel-1 observations. As I was known, another SAR space mission carrying out a C-band instrument in that period was RADARSAT-2.

Thank you a lot!

ESA can provide a limited quota of Radarsat-2 data within their third party mission program.

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Dear @ABraun, via this way - third party mission program - is mandatory to send to ESA a draft of the research project?

you have to write a proposal which contains

  • the overall aims of the project
  • why you need the Radarsat-2 data
  • the funding of your research
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