RadarSat 2 processing

hello guys, I have some RadarSat 2 images from Brazil and I’m trying to process this using snap.
The images I’ve received are SGF( single pol HH and Extra Fine mode) with approximately 3m resolution.
i’ve done a graph builder with “calibration” -> “Specke-filter” -> “Terrain-Correction” and i would like to know if i have to do anything beyond that or if I can use some other operations to improve de image.

to make them usable with other data, Terrain Correction is required. Calibration and filtering also make sense, but all other steps (e.g. multi-looking) are optional.
Can you specify what you mean by improve the image?

SGF images are already multi-looked.

I’m evaluating the use of this images for cartographic mapping in Brazil so I need to improve the images to facilitate the objects recognition.

then you will have to compare some filter techniques to reduce speckle and enhance image texture and backscatter in your image to get the objects/surfaces of interest.

by comparing some filters do you mean to test the different filters in speckle-filter processing parameters?

how can I enhance the image texture and backscatters in Snap?

I just meant that you will have to try different filter types and their parameters and decide which one gives you the best results for your aims.