range and azimuth spectral filtering

with TDM coregistered data, I can’t run range spectral filtering in SNAP while azimuth filtering can be done. The error are bellow:
Type: operator exception
Message: The product ‘Range_filter’ already contains a band with the name ‘Phase_22Feb2011’.

are you using a bistatic TanDEM-X product or have you coregistered two individual TDX/TSX scenes (from different dates)?

What steps were applied until the spectral range filtering?

Thank you for your response. I use from TDM product that already coreregistered. So, I directly go for range and azimuth filtering after creating a subset.

I confirm that the Range Filter does not work on coregistered TanDEM-X products, even if the mentioned band is not included:



@lveci is this a bug?

Yes, it is. Why I can’t filter range? Is there any way to do it?

Hi all,

I encountered the same issue when applying range and azimuth spectral filter on ICEYE coregistered data:



Has this issue been solved in general and/or for TanDEM-X data?