Re-sampling 60m pixels to 10m after Sen2Cor processing

Hi all,

I corected sentinel-2 L1C product using sen2cor and it produced 60m resolution pixels for all bands after correction. I tried to re-sample the pixels to 10-m after correction but it is not working. Please let me know how can I fix this problem?


And what would be the point of conversion like this as you are just multiplying the same information? If you want to have 10m bands, you can configure Sen2Cor to perform correction in 10m resolution.


Thank you for the suggestion. I know there is no point but it’s too much time taking to configure in 10 m and correct the images in SNAP.


The re-sampling operator should work, if there is a problem could you send us the error message?

Hi Nicolas,

The problem is that it’s not showing any error but when I check the pixels after re-sampling it remains the same. May be my system problem.


The re-sampling operator should create a new product that should appear on the product explorer (top left of SNAP by default). When you open bands on this product these bands should be at 10m resolution. You can then save the product, but the original product won’t be modified. It is what you’re doing?

Yes, I did the same.