I have an issue related to the Read operator.
I am trying to read a Landsat-8 data in GeoTIFF format (standard USGS EarthExplorer L1T) in a graph using GPT.
While I could read the data without problem using SNAP, I explored many different attempts in order to read it using GPT, and finally I succeeded.

I share here my solution, in order to try to help other users having the same problem with GPT.
I am trying to input the Landsat-8 file (the ‘MTL.txt’ file), and I could successfully read it adding the ‘formatName’ parameter to the Read operator.

<node id="Read">
    <parameters class="com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.XppDomElement">

Would it be possible to have from SNAP developers a list of input (Read operator) supported ‘formatName’ options?
I think most SNAP users would appreciate if format names for input and output could be added to the help section related to the Read and Write operators.



Actually, it should work without specifying the format name. Just by specifying the path to the MTL.txt files.

However, it is true that a list of format names is missing. There is already an issue (SNAP-180) in our issue tracker.

Dear Marco,
thank you for reopening the discussion on the issue tracker.