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Are there any developments on requested data readers for IDL, Python,
Fortran… - other than S3 toolbox , e.g. S3TBX API?

Hi Phillipe,

SNAP has a very efficient Python binding which we call “snappy”. It is used to call the SNAP Java API from Python and/or the other way round. snappy can access all the SNAP Java API including all data readers, writers, and processors (operators). Although already in use (here at Brockmann Consult), we haven’t manage to document it properly so far. A tutorial will follow soon. See also Where is snappy?.

Calling Python from Java is used to implement (Sentinel) data processor plugins for SNAP in ©Python with the option to use scientific Python libraries such as numpy, scipy, pandas, etc.Here is some example code:

We also plan to call ORFEO plugins from SNAP which would be implemented in C++.

I understand that it would be of high value to users having data readers for the Sentinel(-3) OLCI and SLSTR products programmed natively in the Python, R, MATLAB, IDL etc languages, i.e. without creating dependencies to other libraries or software projects. However, other language bindings are not yet planned.

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I think this is a good explanation…!