Recently used Files in Windows makes SNAP 7 crash

Hi everyone,

I encounter a simple bug in SNAP. It might be machine-specific but it is reproducible, so I post it here:

Whenever I click on “Zuletzt verwendet” (engl. OS “recently used”) for navigating to directories I get error notifications of expired filelinks that stop SNAP.

It is not a big deal, but sometimes I forget about it and get a crashed session, when I just want to export something.

Does anyone have the same problem?

Best wishes,

yes, I reproduced it here: SNAP 7, "The target was not found"

On Windows 10, I share some files with colleagues on a network drive that I can only access using a VPN. Recently, running SNAP without the VPN using local files gives annoying popups that the network drive is unavailable, but I am able to work with local files. I suspect Windows is scanning the “Recent files” list. This might be related to a "Recent Files" issue has been affecting the TeXworks editor. For TeXworks the issue seems to come and go with Windows updates. TeXworks stores the “Recent Files” list in the Windows Registry.

First solution from the other thread worked. Thank you for sharing. I might disable the list in Windows.