Referenced rasters are not the same size

Here’s an improvement request for SNAP that shouldn’t be too hard to implement:

If I open a Sentinel-2 image (the ZIP) and want to display band combination B12, B8A and B4, I get the error dialog “The RGB image view could not be created.” and the error bubble “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Referenced rasters are not of the same size.”

I understand that these bands are acquired at different resolutions. However, these bands are already provided resampled to 20 meters in ~.SAFE/GRANULE/~/IMG_DATA/R20m. Hence it would be sweet if SNAP would just open this band combination in 20 meter-resolution. Same for all other band combinations that are available at the same resolution in the SAFE file.

Was trying to do supervised classified using sentinel2 and Landsat images but always facing the error “source products are not of the same dimensions”. I resampled sentinel2 images and have landsat bands of the same dimensions but still facing the same problem, Any help is appreciated.
Gar Al-nabi

You could try to collocate both to have all bands in one single product: Raster/Geometric/Collocation

Could you please give the steps to do that. The raster data and the vector data are in the same file.