Regarding coregistratuion


I am using four passes of RS2 datasets. Is there any criteria to decide the Master image and best window size for coarser and finer co-registration or its a trial and error method?


Dear Sushil,

You are raising many issues on the forum without properly describing what is going wrong. In each case that you report an issue you need to include all information required to recreate the issue, otherwise the developers cannot help you. So please, for all issues please report the following things:

  • operating system and SNAP version
  • identify the satellite products you’ve used (preferably including full product identification but at least sensor information and exact product type in question)
  • the exact processing steps taken to recreate the issue

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The window size you select in coregistration is dependent on the position error between the two images. The window is used in cross correlation between the two images. For an ERS image the error could be quite large requiring a larger window. For RS2 a 128 window size should be sufficient.

Thank you sir. I will do with 128 window size only. Sir as you once told me to add elevation band in order to generate slant range DEM. I have obtained one DEM from this approach. Is the DEM so generated contains the elevation of above earth features also?