Regarding resampling of MODIS binned data

I want to resample MODIS binned data (from 1320x1800 to 940x1800: lines X columns) keeping the spatial resolution UNCHANGED. Is it possible in SNAP-7.0 ? I presume that reducing number of lines in resampling will change the spatial resolution of pixel also.

If you resample the data, you always change the resolution. You either aggregate pixels or split them in multiple. The resolution will change in both cases.
I don’t know the resolution of your input. If it is 9.26x9.26km and you resample as you have said, you will end up with a resolution of ~13.2x9.26 km.
If you want to limit the extend but keep the resolution you can create a subset.

By the way SNAP 7 is meanwhile quite old. Current version is SNAP8 (+updates)

Is that worked for you? i was looking for it.

What should have worked? What are you looking for?

Thanks for reply. I will try the newer version SNAP8.