Release misalignments

It looks like there are some mismatches between the releases available on github and those adopted by the desktop package (which I just updated). They are as follow (used by desktop, available on github):

  • snap-desktop: 6.0.6 / 6.0.5. Release notes for snap-desktop, dated Oct 2, 2018, talk about version 7
  • s1tbx: 6.0.5 / 6.0.5. Release notes refer to version 7
  • s2tbx: 6.0.3 / 6.0.4, although release 6.0.3 is younger (Aug 29, 2018 and Nov 13, 2018, respectively). Again, release notes refer to version 7
  • smos-box: 5.5.0 / 5.4.0, although there’s an explanation here: release notes specify “update to version 5.5 does not add any new feature to the SMOS-BOX. Only released for compatibility reasons with SNAP 6.

Is there a way to get the same version(s) used by the desktop app? Is it possible to try release 7 mentioned in the release notes?

The release notes are usually updated for a major release.

You are referring to the current development branch (master) of SNAP 7.
That’s why it states SNAP 7. You can switch to the branch 6.x if you want to get the released version. You can also checkout the specific 6.0.x tags of the different tags…

If you want to try the latest source code you can follow the build instructions:

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We will need to start making release notes for module updates too - stay tuned.

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Is there a way to get snap-desktop version 6.0.6?

Unfortunately this version wasn’t properly released. So I did it afterwards. But it is not possible to fix the code histroy. However, you can checkout 6.0.5 and change the version to 6.0.6.
Except the version they are identical.

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Regarding s2tbx, the last released version is 6.0.3, from Nov 13, 2018.
The updates from 6.0.3 are listed in the release notes from 6.x branch:

The master branch contains the release notes for the future release 7.0, in which we gather the updates made from last major version (6.0):

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I appreciated the answer but I had to reopen the question, since I still cannot build snap using the exact same versions as the desktop app. Can you help me identify which commits or tags to checkout, please?

For SNAP-Desktop on GitHub go to releases.

The HashCode shown can be used to check it the code at this point in time.

In your IDE yuo can also search for tags by name. So you can specify 6.0.5.

For example in IDEA I can search directly for 6.0.5:

After checking out version 6.0.5 you can change the versions in the pom.xml files to 6.0.6

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