Relevant problems with Rayleigh correction and IdePix outputs for S3 and S2

I have just begun to use the Rayleight correction and IdePix for S3 and IdePix for S2 , but the processing gives me important problems.

In all the three cases the processing seems successful as the result is quickly computed and available in SNAP , but then if I try to open one band to visualize it, or if I try a further processing of the new product the operation seems to be endless and I have to stop the processing as it never comes to an end.
I have to say that I tried to apply for example another processing to a S3 product, I applied the Radiance-to-Reflectance processor and it works perfectly.

I am using snap 5.0

You get immediate products in SNAP because nothing is computed yet. It is only computed when you visualise the bands or do other computation on it.
In the processor GUI, you can enable the option to save the product to disk. Then, the result is computed and you get some progress indication.
If you don’t save the result to disk, you need to be patient. For S2 data Idepix can take up to an hour or so. It depends on the settings.

Oh this is the reason then. I thought the processors were all working in the same way, like the radiance-to-reflectance one. I guess the processing time of IdePix will then depend on what I want to compute and if ,for example I want the band reflectances written in the product. Is that true also for IdePix applied to S3?
In case of using those processors in a Python processing chain I should first write the new products and then work on them?

What I forgot to say, also the available memory and the tile cache size influence the processing time.

For Idepix you can select what you want in the output. So you can have the reflectances, yes.
No, don’t write intermediate results. You should be fine if you only write the final result.

Thanks Marco, just writing the products before opening them makes the trick, they actually work.
I tried to use those operators in Python as the guy in the other thread, but I used a different approach and actually I got immediately the product but without anything inside as it happened in the desktop version. Now I have seen the script you sent and I understand we have to create the product via gpf… Thanks!!