Remote calculations using Sentinel data sets

I need to calculate the difference raster (between day X and Y) for the following products:

  • Sentinel 1 radar: Sentinel_diff
  • SMOS L3 (or L2): SMOS_diff

Having them, I wish to calculate B parameter as follows: B = SMOS_diff/aggregated(Sentinel_diff) and then interpolate B parameter to have it with Sentinel resolution.

I would like to avoid downloading all 4 data sets (2 dates for Sentinel, 2 dates for SMOS), because of their size.
Is it possible to accomplish mentioned calculations (or part of them) directly on the server?
How can I do that? Is it possible to do that from Python or R! script or SNAP tool?

I can’t find appropriate example in Sentinel API Batch Scripting page:

Such calculation can’t be done on the scihub. This is not the intention of the scihub, it is just a data provider.
I think you have to download the data first and then make the calculation locally.
I don’t know any server which provides the calculation power and the data. I think not even Google Earth Engine provides SMOS data.

I’ve found following tool:

Free account has limited storage, but it provides very basic processing functionalities.