Removed coherence pixels reappear when exported

Hi all,

I have used the valid pixel expression to remove pixels with coherence less than 0.3. But when I export as a GeoTIFF to open in ArcMap the pixels reappear. Has anyone else had this problem?


The valid pixel expression is only functional within SNAP. If you want to permanently remove pixels, you can calculate a new raster in the band maths:
IF coherence < 0.3 THEN 0 ELSE displacement_VV

Okay thanks. So this is the result I get…

and it’s the ‘new_band_2’ that I want to open in ArcMap? And this will be displacement but without the low coherence pixels?

all the low pixels are now consistently 0 and you can mask them out in ArcMap as the transparent value.

Perfect, thank you!