Reproduce SNAP environment from lockfile via command line


There are a few tasks I have been wanting to figure out from the command-line around how to version control SNAP, including used plugins. These tasks being:

  1. How do I generate some dependancy lock file?
  2. How would I install or update SNAP dependancies from a lock file?

It seems that there is some way to list all the dependancies through the command line with snap --modules --refresh --list, however having some means of identifying the source origin by url would be great.

For background, I am using SNAP for means of delivering a service to a production environment. Hence, being able to generate a lockfile would be very valuable in order to reproduce the identical and stable environment.

This would be helpful for us managing issues such as:
'outputComplex' argument removed from Sentinel-1 terrain correction which we were affected by.



I’m sorry to say but such lock file is currently not supported. NetBeans is not providing this functionality at the moment.
I’ve added this as a new requirement to our issue tracker.
[SNAP-1532] Allow version definition / version lock for modules - JIRA (


This seems like something useful to NetBeans projects other than SNAP, so better addressed at NetBeans Issues.