Reproject dimap file with Graph builder


I reproject a dimap file on SNAP without any problem.
When I tried the same operation on Graph builder, I obtained an error message “Error: /by 0”. It’s like GB doesn’t recognize the format.

The dimap file is a subset of Meris image already projected in geographic WGS84 and the aim is to reproject it in plane coordinate system.

I appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance


I would suggest that you don’t use the Graph Builder. It was originally made for SAR data and the generalisation for optical data is not yet completed.

If you only want to reproject a single file you can use Raster / Geometric Operations / Reprojection from the menu. If you want to process multiple files then you can use gpt on the command line.
Change to <SNAP_INSTALL_DIR>/bin and run gpt -h for general help or gpt Reproject -h for the specific help of the reprojection.

But I’m not sure what you mean by “plane coordinate system”. You can’t go back to the satellite coordinate system.


Actually, I have no idea about gpt. I will try to use it for automatisation of my processing chain.

What I mean by “plane coordinate system” is “Coordinate system + projection”. After a subset on original image georeferenced in geographic coordinate system, I “project” the output in the same coordinate system with projection.

Thank you for your reply,