Reprojection error_S3 L2 OLCI products

Hello everyone,

I downloaded S3 L2 OLCI Chlorophyll products from Creodias website. The individual product for different days comes in separate folders, which is not a problem at all. However, now I want to reproject those products. I dragged the entire folder to SNAP and reprojected one product. But now, I want to use that as a master file and reproject other 2000 products based on this master .nc file. The problem I am facing is, since all those chlorophyll products are inside separate folders, I tried to program it in a way that I navigate my “source directory/slave products” to the main folder that contains subfolders which then includes those individual chlorophyll products. However, running the batch processing comes up with the error that “source product could not be found” or “error: [nodeid: readop@master] the ‘file’ parameter is not set”. I have a feeling that the error is associated with how I have set the Source Directory in my xml file, as Chlorophyll products are located inside each subfolders so it unable to locate the source product in the folder I am referring to. I am not sure how I could navigate the source Directory to each of those sub-directories. So I just wanted to check if anyone else had similar issued, and if yes, how did you go about fixing it or converting those individual subfolders into a single separate .nc files? I have attached a copy of my xml and batch processing files together with screenshots of the folders that contains the individual products herewith.
Reprojection_SU.xml (1.2 KB) Reprojection_SU.bat (1.9 KB) !

Here is my batch processing script, as I realized that I cannot attach it as a copy;

@echo off
rem enable delayed expansion - used to resolve variable in loop
rem variable has to be used with ‘!’ instead of ‘%’

:: User Configuration
rem adapt this path to your needs
set gptPath=“C:\Program Files\snap\bin\gpt.exe”
:: Command line handling

rem first parameter is a path to the graph xml
set graphXmlPath=“C:\Users\au608340\Desktop\Trial\Reprojection_SU.xml”
rem second parameter is a path to a parameter file
set parameterFilePath=""
rem use third parameter for path to source products
set sourceDirectory=C:\Users\au608340\Desktop\Trial\Slave
set template=“C:\Users\au608340\Desktop\Trial\”
rem use third parameter for path to target products
set targetDirectory=C:\Users\au608340\Desktop\Trial\Reprojected
rem the fourth parameter is a file prefix for the target product name,
rem typically indicating the type of processing
set targetFilePrefix=reproj_

rem Create the target directory
rem md targetDirectory

:: Main processing

rem double ‘' in batch file and only a single '’ on command line
for /R sourceDirectory %%F in (*.nc) do (
rem ‘~fF’ means abolute path of ‘F’
set sourceFile=%%~fF
rem ‘~nF’ means filename without extension of ‘F’
set procCmd=gptPath graphXmlPath -e -f NetCDF4-BEAM -t “!targetFile!” -Ssource="!sourceFile!" -Smaster="!template!"
call !procCmd!