Reprojection of Sentinel-1 file to lower resolution, always generates NaN raster

I open ‘subset_calibrated_S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20160512T161044_2_TC.dim’ which I placed on my Google Drive
Mentioned file is terrain-corrected (since I can’t apply Reprojection on not-corrected file).

I would like to receive a raster with SMOS resolution from Sentinel data, so I open Reprojection tool and type pixel resolution as 0.273803 (because if I understand properly this value is expressed in geographical degrees):

ReprojectionParameters.xml (899 bajtów)

Unfortunately after processing, I am receiving a raster which contains only NaN values.

I just noticed that even with default parameters of the Reprojection operator, values in output raster are significantly changed:

I’ve tried to provide smaller pixel size value, but it doesn’t help.

I understand that in such big are there might be some pixels without proper values, but shouldn’t SNAP just omit NaN and provide me any value for each pixel?

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Is this issue solved?

I try projecting into Polar Stereographic projection - (using Reproject tool under Raster) but I get gaps in the middle of the mosaic.
Like this:

Why is this case?

Did anyone figure out?