Reprojection tool - no image after using tool

I’ve been trying to use the Reprojection tool and keep running into the same problem.

I reproject the data. A new layer is created but there is no data there.

I’m working with Sentinel 2 data.

You can be more precise with your problem. When you reproject your data, you save it on your disk or you reproject on your memory? Also what specs does your system have.

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I’ve tried both saving to disk and memory and get the same error.

System specs: i7, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD

Did you resample the Sentinel-2 data before reprojection?
What was the source and target projection?

Yes I resampled the data else the reprojection tool can’t be run.

In the end I just exported in WGS84 and reprojected in GIS software instead.