Resampe of Sentinel 2

Trying to resample one image of Sentinel 2 S2A_MSIL1C_20190314T085731_N0207_R007_T35SMU_20190314T124056 and i get the following error

Any ideas?

Hi @panagiotis1,

Could you post a screenshot of the I/O parameters?

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And what happen if you deselect the “Resample in pyramid levels”?

I have the same error.

Just one more info, are you using snap 7 right?

Yes using snap 7.0.0

The input is a full sentinel 2 L1C product?
I will not recommend to re-sample a full product before doing any subset, as the full product contains many small (22x22) support bands (view and sun angles in particular) and masks that will also be re-sampled to the given resolution, creating a huge output product.
I will first perform a subset and selecting only the bands you need.

Could you try this further step?


The same again. I want to use the resampled to the C2RCC processor.

have you tried with a different product?
There was a similar report in the past:
What I understand from the discussion below the issue report, is that the reason was a corrupted file.

Hi @panagiotis1,

I agree with @marpet as I can not reproduce the problem with the same product (S2A_MSIL1C_20190314T085731_N0207_R007_T35SMU_20190314T124056) on my SNAP 7 instance, try to re-download the data (I use dhusget to download data) and let us know.

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