Resampling : "By Pixel resolution" greyed out

Dear SNAP users,

I am trying to resample my S1 SAR images at a given resolution. The resample SNAP module appears at a solution of choice to perform this task. Unfortunately, the “By Pixel resolution” is greyed out. I really don’t understand why. Does anyone have an idea ?


Thanks in advances


NB : For some reasons a bit too long to explain, I need to preserve the azimuth / range acquisition geometry, meaning I cannot use terrain correction nor ellipsoid correction.

Additional comment. If I want to manually set the number of lines and columns so that I acchieved a given resolution, the number of lines or columns adjusts so that it preserved homothecy, which is obviously not what it’s asked

Ok, just realized it was not the good module -> look at SAR utilities -> Resampling