Resampling help!?Can I ONLY resampe the BAND img?

Hello here:
when I use SNAP -S2Resampling ,It cost many time to do with the img I reallly do not use,such as view_azimuth_B1.img,view_azimuth_B*.img(I only wanna the B1-B12 Bands resampled .img)…
So , can anyone help me to figure it out ,or have some other methods to excatly help me get resampling img.
p.s. there are some questions on GPT for running the S2resampling, can we have some further discussion。THX

You could add a subset node to your graph. In which you specify only the bands you like to include in the output. This should already help.

GPT_S2resampling_graph.xml (2.1 KB)
Professor,here is my graph.xml file,Did i make it right? when run this xml, ERROR occured! “Error: coordinate out of bounds”
sorry,this is my first time to use GPT to run SNAP, there are many bugs i cant figure i out.
I need ur helpppp! Sincerely!

In general the graph looks good. Not sure why you get this error message. Do you have installed the latest updates for SNAP? Have you tried with another product?
In your first post you are referencing the S2Resampling operation. In the graph file you are using the general Resampling. Is this intended? The general one might be sufficient for your use case.

I’ve updated the graph a bit. I removed the specific read and write nodes. This way it can easily called with other products from the command line.
GPT_S2resampling_graph.xml (2.4 KB)

The call on the command line looks like this:
gpt H:\_UserSupport\Den93\GPT_S2resampling_graph.xml -t "H:\_UserSupport\Den93\output" -f ENVI H:\SENTINEL2\S2A_MSIL2A_20171026T110131_N0206_R094_T30SUH_20171026T144303.SAFE\MTD_MSIL2A.xml"

This call worked on my system with my data.

When writing to ENVI a directory will be created, not a single file, which contains files for each band.